Your face shape

Your face shape as well as your eyes determine, which eyebrow shape flatters you best. Most of the times there are mixed shapes, so don't worry if your face shows not only one clear shape...


Hot tip: how to find your face shape!

  • Go to your mirror and look directly and frontal in
  • Brush your hair out of your face or use a hair band or hair tie
  • Use now a removable board marker and outline on the mirror the contour/shape of your face
  • Step back and look on your sketch - now you can see and identify much more clearly your face shape

Face shape: round face

A round face stands for a friendly, positive character and is the most *child-like* of all contours. Very often also the eyes and the nose is more rounded. The mouth can have every form and size, but you will find often sensuous and full lips.

Width and height of this faces are (almost) identical, the basic shape is round.

Need a prominent example? Please see here: Kelly Osbourne (watch a picture)


Face shape: slim face

A slim face looks delicate and fragile, every feature is in proportion smaller.

The length is in relation to the width longer, the basic shape is long.

Need a prominent example? Please see here: Drew Barrymore (watch a picture)


Face shape: triangular face

Congratulations, if you have it: a triangular face is something very special and sublime and looks elitist. The cheeks are well-marked, the chin slim and sometimes pointed.

The basic shape is a triangle.

Need a prominent example? Please see here: Christina Ricci (watch a picture)


Face shape: squared face

A squared face stands for (visually) unlimited energy and assertiveness, but also for clear lines and a lot of expression in mimic and gesture...

The basic shape is a square.

Need a prominent example? Please see here: Courtney Thorne-Smith (watch a picture)