The Third fraction: the trick with the pen

To give your eyes an instant lift and a younger, fresher expression your eyebrows should rise up to the peak with 2/3 and decrease softly with 1/3 to the end. And so you define this for yourself:

Where your eyebrows start

Stand again directly in front of your mirror and use a slim, long brush or pen: hold either vertical and beside your nasal wing or, if your eyes stand close together beside your inner corner of your eye. The extension of this line shows you the best point for the begin of your eyebrows!


The peak of your eyebrows

For the peak there are two possibilities:

Start again beside your nasal wing. But this time build a line through the middle of your pupil. The extension of this line shows the peak - starting here the last third of your eyebrows decreases softly!


Alternate definition of the peak

Personally I work with the second variation: the line starts not at the nasal wing, but if you look straight in your mirror on the outer side of your pupils and vertical along your iris.

I prefer this definition, because out of my experience, with smaller and deep-set eyes the peak is too far on the outer side and the eyebrows are not well-balanced!


The end of your eyebrows

The last third of your eyebrows shouldn't be too long, because the outer corners of your eyes would drop and let you look tired. Start again at your nasal wing, pass the outer eye corner and extend till your brows - this should be the end of your eyebrows. All hairs which are growing beyond this point you can plug without feeling bad about...

But - no rule without exception! [more...]