Do you know the phrase that eyes are 'the window of the soul'? In fact they are the eyebrows - no other feature in your face shows emotions as strong as your brows! Or can you imagine to look surprised or upset without the help of your eyebrows?

Theatre & Co.

At the opera as well as in the ancient Kabuki, Cabaret or classical theatre - you will find strong, enhanced eyebrows in all these categories, just by the fact, that this feature emphasizes any facial expression!

Kabuki - Ancient Japanese Theatre Performance


Believe it or not...

Also normal people with beautiful eyebrows have this special expression - not only clothing dresses! When you are the next time in a restaurant or in another public space look closer on a beautiful woman or man and I am sure you will find expressive eyebrows!

Not all are perfect and no matter if eyes are smal or a round face - a well shaped eyebrow will help you to look prettier...