The company MAVALA S.A. was funded 1958 in Switzerland by Mrs. Madeleine van Landeghem, a native-born Dutchwomen. The company name was created by parts of her name!

Today MAVALA International S.A. has 4 associated companies: in France, Great Britain, Germany and the USA, as well as a net of 100 exclusive distributors, who sell the products in 110 different countries.

1969 opened MAVALA as the first manufacturer for high quality handcare and cosmetics a professional manicure school in London. All products are developed and produced to these days in Geneva (Switzerland), following strict standards and regulations.



MAVALA - Eyebrow Pencil The MAVALA Eyebrow Pencil is powdery and matte, has a medium solid lead and offers eyebrow drawing from fine to intense. It comes with a spooly brush to spread the color evenly in your eyebrows or to remove excess color... 10.50 USD (+ Shipping)

MAVALA - Concealer With the MAVALA Concealer you can cover any redness after plucking your eyebrows as well as imperfections and pimples. It provides good coverage, is liquid, water resistant and comes with a sponge ... 19.50 USD (+ Shipping)

MAVALA - Scissor SoftTouch Die MAVALA Schere ist eigentlich eine Nagelschere, aber aus meiner Berufserfahrung für die Augenbrauen besonders geeignet: für sorgfältiges Arbeiten sind die Schneiden von Hand geschliffen... 24.50 USD (+ Shipping)