Manufacturer for the watchmaking industry

In Stabio, southward of Lugano / Switzerland and close to the border to Italy, RUBIS developed more than 60 years ago the first precise tweezer to place the rubies on the balance wheel of the highest quality watches by Switzerland.

Today RUBIS develops not only tweezers for the industry, but also the finest, highest quality tweezers for beauty beside other cosmetic tools. The famous BOBBI BROWN stated rubis as the *Ferrari of the beauty tweezers*!


Quality and precision

The perfect tension of the claws, the stability and the ergonomic shape as well as the elasticity of the material are the basics for the precision of these tools. Every tweezer is finished by handwork under a magnifier to guarantee the absolute perfect closure of the gripper jaws.

RUBIS Manufacture


Best surgical, stainless steel - acid resistant and non-magnetic.


Technical, functional and practical perfection - RUBIS earned for its designs of products a range of international awards:

Internationale Design-Preise

  • Industrie Forum Design Hannover 1994
  • iF Design Award Winner 1999
  • Good Design Award 1999
  • Good Design Award 2000
  • 1. Price Design Plus 1993
  • International Frankfurt Fall Fair Trade Form 1993 - 1995 - 1996 - 1998
  • Form 2001
  • M Materialica 2003
  • reddot design award winner 2006


rubis - Tweezer Classic/comb For everybody who wants to safe time and work with just one tool for two tasks: the rubis Classic tweezer with comb plucks precisely your eyebrow hair and with the ingetrated comb you can define... 39.50 USD (+ Shipping)

rubis - Tweezer Colani *LIMITED!* More slim than the Classic, but also with slanted tips, this rubis tweezer in Colani Design comes with a solid, black coat in typical organic, curved shape, which made industrial designer Luigi Colani worldwide famous and successful... 34.50 USD (+ Shipping)

rubis - Scissor Colibri This rubis scissor Colibri is inspired by the delicate, small, but very efficient nib of a Colibri: it cuts too long eyebrow hair precisely and quick! 37.50 USD (+ Shipping)