Look on the blade!

To trim too long and unruly eyebrow hair in my experience cuticle or nail scissors are the best because of their fine and precise cut.

The most important features - the blades: how fine are they? Do they have a good sharpening? Are they cut only on one point or are the blades working perfectly together? How does the scissor lay in your hands? All this criterias are fulfilled with the scissors I offer you in my shop and with which I work myself as a professional.

Alternate if you are not sure how to handle, choose the electric brow trimmer!

Do you need an instruction? Here you find the step-by-step manual for perfect eyebrow trimming...

rubis - Scissor Colibri This rubis scissor Colibri is inspired by the delicate, small, but very efficient nib of a Colibri: it cuts too long eyebrow hair precisely and quick! 37.50 USD (+ Shipping)

MAVALA - Scissor SoftTouch Die MAVALA Schere ist eigentlich eine Nagelschere, aber aus meiner Berufserfahrung für die Augenbrauen besonders geeignet: für sorgfältiges Arbeiten sind die Schneiden von Hand geschliffen... 24.50 USD (+ Shipping)

EStyler - Electric Brow Trimmer The EStyler is an electric eyebrow trimmer for perfect and easy trimmed eyebrow hairs... 9.50 USD (+ Shipping)

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