Eyebrow brushes are an important part of a professional result - perfect eyebrows need some special tools to be brushed in shape and apply eyebrow powder properly...


Care instruction for eyebrow brushes

  • All beauty brushes should be cleaned thoroughly once a month with a special brush or a mild baby shampoo
  • To dry please press slightly the excess water out and lay them flat on a towel or tissue
  • Don't place them to dry on a heater - the glue which holds the hair in place will crack and your professional brush will loose hair!
  • Desinfect after each use - with classic Isopropyl alcohol or any other high percentage alcohol!

eyebrowz - Spooly Brush The eyebrowz Spooly Brush allows like the Duo-Comb to detangle your eyebrow hairs for a sleek look or, for removing excess eyebrow powder. From time to time you should also brush your eyebrows more intense to clean... (7006) 7.50 USD (+ Shipping)

eyebrowz - Comb And Brush The eyebrowz combination brush of comb and brush smooth rebellious eyebrow hair, keep them in shape and brushes flaky skin out of your eyebrows! Also very helpful to apply the Natural Herb Lightener! (7003) 7.50 USD (+ Shipping)