All brands - Biosmetics Intensive, REFECTOCIL and Combinal - are professional products and guarantees best color results.


Intensive - Eyebrow tint Eventually there is a gentle eyebrow tint also for sensitive skin people - Biosmetics Intensive Eyebrow Tint contains also natural ingredients of plants like sunflower oil and offers a gentle, but longlasting tinting... 15.50 USD (+ Shipping)

REFECTOCIL - Eyebrow dye REFECTOCIL Eyebrow and Lash tint is the classic color in the range of all permanents with a large color scheme to choose from and offers also special colors for red hair... 9.50 USD (+ Shipping)

Combinal - Eyebrow dye The Combinal Augenbrauen- und Wimpernfarben are first class, high-quality eyebrow tints, who dye your eyebrows intense. The very creamy texture is easy to use and you can mix and match all shades... 9.50 USD (+ Shipping)