Do you have naturally very light hair on your head, but quite dark and rebellious eyebrow hair, which makes your face looking more harsh, but desire a more soft shade? Do you wear now a trendy shade and want to adapt and match your eyebrows, but need before to bleach them for a perfect, more intense shade? You bleach already your head hair 1 - 3 shades and want to match your eyebrow hairs? Then use the REFECTOCIL Bleach Blonde - it lightens up your hair shade 1 - 3 nuances!

In the unopened tube the colors are stable, after opening and first use please use within 12 months. 1 tube (0.51 fl. oz / 15 ml) lasts for approx. 20 - 25 applications!

The matching and ONLY WORKING developer is the REFECTOCIL Developer Cream - this developer is NOT included, please order separately!



  • The REFECTOCIL Bleach Blonde is ONLY designed for eyebrows! Read and always follow careful the included/attached manual and instruction!

Safety notes

  • Every eyebrow dye/tint can cause an allergic reaction: there is no 100% guarantee, that the product is allergy-free!
  • Don't use it on irritated or injured skin!
  • Please follow the instruction/manual carefully!
  • When you know, that your skin reacts very often quite sensitive or allergic to eyebrow tint, please do this test BEFORE dying your eyebrows:
  • Mix the eyebrow tint with developer by following the manual
  • Apply the mixture on naturally sensitive, thin parts of the skin, either behind your ears or in the crook of the arm or knee bend
  • Leave the mixture for the time on the skin the manual recommends
  • Rinse with lots of water
  • Wait now for the next 24 hrs, if there is an allergic reaction - if yes, DON'T use the product on your eyebrows. If not you can tint your eyebrows by - again - following the manual!

INCI (Inhaltsstoffe)

Mineral Oil, Ammonium Persulfate, Potassium Persulfate, Sodium Silicate, Carbomer, Sodium Cetearyl Sulfate, Methylcellulose, Silica, EDTA, Magnesium Carbonate

How to use:

  • Depending on the brand use 1/3 inch / 1 cm of the color paste in a dappen dish and add the developer - the quantity depends on your hair texture and the expected texture
  • For very stubborn, thick, gray or rebellious hair use the supplement ARDELL - Gray Magic as an additive
  • Mix thouroughly
  • The mix is now for approx. 30 min active and able to dye/tint your eyebrow hair permanently, after more than 30 min its not working properly anymore!
  • For perfect results, draw on your eyebrow area the wanted shape with a stencil and White Outliner Stick on!
  • Apply the mixture with the included mixing stick or an application brush (my favourite!) on your eyebrows
  • Do you tint for the 1st time and have no experience? Leave the mixture on the beginning for just 1 min on, rinse carefully and decide, if you like the intensity. If it is still too pale, repeat the procedure until you are satisfied with!
  • The average dwell time is 5 - 10 minutes
  • Rinse the eyebrows thouroughly with cool or medium warm water and a cotton wool pad
  • Clean and rinse all tools with medium warm water


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