Permanent eyebrow dye is perfect if your hair is naturally brighter than your head hair or, if you change your hair color to adapt and match also your eyebrows. It's easy to use and offer you up to 5 weeks perfect eyebrows!

All brands - Biosmetics Intensive, REFECTOCIL and Combinal - are professional products and guarantees best color results. Please read the instructions always very carefully.

Please note: the developers are NOT included, so if you don't have the proper one at home - don't forget to order!


Safety notes

  • Every eyebrow dye/tint can cause an allergic reaction: there is no 100% guarantee, that the product is allergy-free!
  • Don't use it on irritated or injured skin!
  • Please follow the instruction/manual carefully!
  • When you know, that your skin reacts very often quite sensitive or allergic to eyebrow tint, please do this test BEFORE dying your eyebrows:
  • Mix the eyebrow tint with developer by following the manual
  • Apply the mixture on naturally sensitive, thin parts of the skin, either behind your ears or in the crook of the arm or knee bend
  • Leave the mixture for the time on the skin the manual recommends
  • Rinse with lots of water
  • Wait now for the next 24 hrs, if there is an allergic reaction - if yes, DON'T use the product on your eyebrows. If not you can tint your eyebrows by - again - following the manual!

More informations:

Color match eyebrows/head See the spreadsheets: search for your natural or actual hair color and you get automatically the matching eyebrow dye...

Dyeing manual/instruction Read the safety notes and follow this instruction how to dye and tint your eyebrows to get perfect, longlasting results for up to 5 weeks!


Tint Brush The Tint Brush is my favourite for exactly tinting and dying your eyebrows - it allows you to dot and dash fine lines to get a natural result. The hairs are made of longlasting fibers...

REFECTOCIL - Tinting rods, 2 pc. This polymere tinting rods of REFECTOCIL have a very fine tip - to mix and blend eyebrow dye and developer and for extrafine application of the mixture on your eyebrows...

Dappen Dish This little bowl or Dappen Dish has two different slots: depending on how much colorant you want to mix and blend! Colors assorted.