When I should use which eyebrow powder color?

Blonde This sandy eyebrow powder intensivies the warm blonds of eyebrows for 1 or 2 shades. The result is natural beautiful and expressive eyes!
Light Brown One of the most purchased shades, because it matches to a wide range of brown hair - best for light brown hair, a soft intensifier for darker brown hair!
Medium Brown A soft honey for a versatile use - natural if used slightly, more expression for light brown hair!
Putty This ash blonde is bright and soft enhancing for everybody who has very fine, thin or delicate eyebrow hair and just adds a hint of color - a color you can't use wrong!
Soft Charcoal The dark gray for all dark, ashy hair shades!
Moonstone Very close to Soft Charcoal, but with shimmer - glamorous for the special event!
Soft Black The most-loved black shade - distinct and to the point!
Jet Black The perfect drama - the most intense black!
Auburn For everybody who wants to add some chestnut highlights - use it allone for more intensity or mixed with Medium or Dark Brown for a softer expression...
Suede A warm, honey Gold Blond - adds and enhance beautiful warm highlights for a soft sun shade...
Taupe A red blond, which intensifies red and copper color parts
Coffee This chestnut shade add warm reflections in medium brown, red brown and chestnut colored hair!
Sable This dark, warm brown gives dark brown hair a lovely, sunny shine!