This small, flexible and clear ruler help you to measure the length of your eyebrow and to find your matching eyebrow stencils: just draw with a cosmetic liner two lines at the beginning and end of your eyebrow, place the ruler and search for either a regular stencil or order the customized eyebrow stencil!

Sizes and length

Find your eyebrow stencil by the length. And so you measure your length:

On the beginning two lines:

Draw with a cosmetic liner, for example the White Outliner Stick or COSART - Liner White this two lines (= gray lines):

  • The eyebrow starts either vertical and beside your nasal wing or, if your eyes stand close together or for mens eyebrows beside your inner corner of your eye. The extension of this line shows you the best point for the beginning!
  • Start again at your nasal wing, pass the outer eye corner and extend till your brows - this should be the end of your eyebrows.

Ideal, perfect length

Measure now the length, for example with the eyebrow ruler. Length = line pink:


Search for a stencil

As a woman search here in the overview for female eyebrow stencils or as a man in the mens section for the stencils, which a. matches the length of your own, measured eyebrow length and b. the shape and style which fits your eye and face shape!


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