For the removal of lots or very fine and delicate eyebrow hair you should consider wax - here your tweezer sometimes can't work, because it needs too long! Chosse between ready-to-use stripes in two sizes or a refillable warm wax device...


clean + easy - Roll-On Waxer The clean + easy Personal Roll-On Waxer home set for perfect shaped eyebrows and to remove any unwanted body hair - best as a supply beside your professional tweezer... 49.50 USD (+ Shipping)

clean + easy - Refill Wax The refills to buy... 0.00 USD (+ Shipping)

clean + easy - Refill Strips The depilation clothing strips in two sizes for every need and perfect results... 0.00 USD (+ Shipping)

clean + easy - Roller Heads If your roller head of your clean + easy Roll-On Waxer needs a replacement, because it is not working perfectly anymore or looks very used and ugly or you want to have a third size to enhance the function of your set you will find them here... 0.00 USD (+ Shipping)