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ARDELL - Gray Magic

ARDELL - Painless Tweeze


Sets Starter and all-in-one-sets with discount!

Treatment The basic for beautiful eyebrows and lashes is their healthy structure - only glossy, stable, smooth hair offer the perfect base for a perfect eyebrow styling!

Tweezers I work very often and a lot with tweezers and I can assure you - nothing is more troublesome than the try to pluck eyebrows with a tweezer, which don't work properly...

Waxing For the removal of lots or very fine and delicate eyebrow hair you should consider wax - here your tweezer sometimes can't work, because it needs too long!

Trimming + cutting To trim too long and unruly eyebrow hair in my experience cuticle or nail scissors are the best because of their fine and precise cut. The most important features - the blades: how fine are they?

Eyebrow dying Beautiful eyebrows which lasts!

Eyebrow stencils Inspired by the most beautiful women of the world, eyebrow stencils eases the shaping and correction of your eyebrows as well as the drawing and perfection! Also stencils for men eyebrows are available...

Eyebrow powder Mat Eyebrow Powder is the most natural way to accent eyebrows: just brush it with a small, angled brush between your eyebrow hairs and it will enhance volume and intensity!

Eyebrow brushes Eyebrow brushes are an important part of a professional result - perfect eyebrows need some special tools to be brushed in shape and apply eyebrow powder properly...

Eyebrow pencils With a bit of practice you will be able to draw perfect eyebrows!

Supplies/Accessories For perfect results you should think about having these tools: