For perfect results you maybe need these tools:



eyebrowz - Clear Eyebrow Gel The clear eyebrowz - Eyebrow Gel fixes also the most rebellious eyebrow hairs - use it alone or on top of eyebrow powder or pencil! (9003) 6.50 USD (+ Shipping)

GRIMAS - Fixing Powder A finest grained, sheer and translucent fixing powder, which keeps your eyebrow pencil color the whole day in place - its also sweat resistant and smudgeproof! (6148) 9.50 USD (+ Shipping)

MAVALA - Concealer With the MAVALA Concealer you can cover any redness after plucking your eyebrows as well as imperfections and pimples. It provides good coverage, is liquid, water resistant and comes with a sponge ... 19.50 USD (+ Shipping)

COSART - Coverstick Antiseptic Caramel #872 All COSART Coversticks Antiseptic are the perfect little helpers with a twist - after plucking eyebrows with tweezers or waxing: it covers red skin till it looks normal and prevent any bacterial infections... (C872) 6.50 USD (+ Shipping)