I work very often and a lot with tweezers and I can assure you - nothing is more troublesome than the try to pluck eyebrows with a tweezer, which don't work properly: did you ever tried to pluck with a twisted tweezer? Or tried to capture small, fine, regrowing hair with a tweezer which is too big? And what to do if you have strong, thick hair, but your tool is already tire and has no more tension?

If you have gone through this you know about what I am talking - for this I offer you the tweezers I am working with as a professional: they are designed for easy, precise and effortless plucking - I offer in my shop only high-quality, professional tweezers!

And NEW - I explored a special product which reduced the pain of tweezing while plucking - Painless Tweeze of ARDELL! A perfect supplement for all who wants to make the nasty tweak more bearable...

More informations:

Professional tweezers There is a wide range of tweezers on the market and it can be confusing to decide which one will match your needs and offers the quality to enjoy a durable, easy to use tool - find out which features transfers regular tweezers into professional ones!

Tweezers for special needs Beside the classic need for tweezers to pluck unwanted hair I make the experience, that me as a professional as well as maybe you as a user need sometimes specialists to get the results you want - ...

Care tips for your tweezer How should I use my tweezer? Where should I keep them? What to do if its falling down on mistake? All answers and informations for a longlife relationship with your professional tweezer you find here...


ARDELL - Painless Tweeze Finally there is a solution for painfree plucking - apply before you plan to make your eyebrows ARDELL Painless Tweeze reduces the pain of plucking... (65065) 7.00 USD (+ Shipping)

rubis - Tweezer Classic/comb For everybody who wants to safe time and work with just one tool for two tasks: the rubis Classic tweezer with comb plucks precisely your eyebrow hair and with the ingetrated comb you can define... (1K140) 39.50 USD (+ Shipping)

rubis - Tweezer Colani *LIMITED!* More slim than the Classic, but also with slanted tips, this rubis tweezer in Colani Design comes with a solid, black coat in typical organic, curved shape, which made industrial designer Luigi Colani worldwide famous and successful... (1K100C) 34.50 USD (+ Shipping)

rubis - Tweezer Scissor Twist The tweezer for lovers: the rubis Scissor Twist Tweezers are shaped like a scissor and because of its special design it holds also thickest hair in place to pluck it! It needs a bit practice to use, but if you know how to handle it you will love it... (4K902) 37.50 USD (+ Shipping)

eyebrowz - Tweezer The extra solid, thicker eyebrowz eyebrow tweezer is made of stainless steel. For plucking of almost every hair, except the very fine and delicate. Durable, sturdy and easy to use... (6020) 18.50 USD (+ Shipping)