Getting rid of unwanted eyebrow hairs

Not every technic to remove hair is best for every area - what works on your body, could be in your face more bad than helpful - for more informations please see the section basics.

Some technics are longerlasting, others should only be done from professionals - please see the descriptions and then decide, which one works for you!


Where does hair removal work?

  • On or close to the skin surface - shaving, trimming and hair removal cream or lotion counts to this
  • On or above the hair root - tweezing and plucking, threadening, depilation with wax or sugaring with sugaring paste
  • Under the skin, directly on the root - epilation with heat like electrolysis or lasering

Yes, I want!

Tweezing and plucking Advantage: its easy to learn, safes time, exactly and cheap. After the basic clean up you need only 3 - 4 times a week a minimum of 1 or two minutes to keep them neat - my favourite for at home doers!

Wax or sugaring paste Both methods are easy and cheap and the equipment is available for using at home!

Trimming/Cutting Trimming is the perfect technique for resistant, curly or very long eyebrow hairs! Don't worry, its really easy to trim your eyebrow hair slightly, so they will lay perfect in line with your other eyebrow hairs...

Shaving Some women swears on shaving theyr eyebrows - for this you can have mini razors to work very fine on tiny spots. This technique is best if hair and skin color are close together and match...

Just through professionals!

Threading The technique of Threadening comes originally from India, later from the Orient and is there still in these days # 1 of removing unwanted hair: a cotton wool thread is twirled on the skin surface, ...

Permanent epilation If a hair root should be permanent stopped producing new hair, it's elementary to understand why you need more than one treatment to make sure, the root is destroyed...

Better not!

Depilation cream To offer complete information I mention also the depilation cream - although I state explicitely not to use it on your eyebrows: if it drops accidentally in the eyes it can cause seriously, permanent damage!