Tools you need
Mark the shape
Trimming and cutting

Tools you need:

  • well illuminated workstadion, best with daylight
  • mirror, maybe with magnification
  • a scissor with fine blades, for example a nail or cuticle scissor
  • curly brush or mascara brush

Mark the shape

Place the stencil on the right place and hold it with one hand - as a right hander hold it with your left hand and vice versa!

Mark now the inner contour with the white liner

Do both steps also on your other side - reverse the stencil on the other side, so it lays back-to-front on the second eyebrow.

Pluck and tweeze now all hair, which lays OUTSIDE of the white contour!


Cutting and trimming

Brush with the curly brush all eyebrow hair till the peak in direction UP and lay the curly brush flat on your eyebrows. Cut now carefully slantingly all hair, which are OBVIOUSLY much longer than the rest.

Second, brush the rest of the eyebrow hair starting at the peak DOWN and below and cut like the first half with care slantingly all hair, which are OBVIOUSLY much longer than the rest

Work first one side and brush between the cuts the hair in shape - step back from the mirror and control the result! After finishing one side start with the other the same!



If needed and if you want go ahead by styling with eyebrow pencil, eyebrow cream or eyebrow powder.

For resistant and curly eyebrow hair the Clear eyebrow gel is the perfect helper to fix!