For whom this works?

  • dry skin: creamy pencil or cream-to-powder-pencil + brush
  • normal to oily skin: powdery pencil
  • for more information about the textures and colors of the different pencils, please see also consultation for buyers
  • for everybody, who don't want to dye or tint the eyebrows permanently
  • sparse eyebrows with less or no hair, hair loss because of disease or after a chemotherapy because of cancer
  • if there are scars within the eyebrows: either alone used or underneath eyebrow powder to keep the powder stay-in-place


Tools you need
Drawing with eyebrow pencil
Working with Cream liner

Tools you need

  • stencil
  • eyebrow pencil
  • maybe a sharpener, depending on the type of the pencil
  • alternate: creamy eyeshadow in eyebrow color and an angled eyebrow brush
  • maybe a fixing powder to set the more creamy formulas in place
  • curly brush


Please make sure the eyebrow hair are grease-free and without any hint of MakeUp. Drench a cotton wool pad with oilfree eye make up remover or face tonic and clean thoroughly.

If you tend to very dry and flaky skin go with a curly brush through your eyebrows, so the dead skin flakes are removed.

Use a stencil

Eyebrow stencil

The most natural way to intense the eyebrows with eyebrow pencil is to draw single, fine lines in the direction the eyebrow hairs naturally grows - so they look like naturally hair and not like fake!

Place the stencil on the right place and hold it with one hand - as a right hander hold it with your left hand and vice versa!
Work first one side and brush between the cuts the hair in shape - step back from the mirror and control the result! After finishing one side start with the other the same.


Draw with eyebrow pencil

Draw with the pencil small, lightweight lines like hairs in the direction your eyebrows naturally grow


Smudge with spooly brush

To make your work even more natural and unvisible, smudge it with a spooly brush!


Working with Cream liner

Creamy Liner

Draw a line with Creamliner within the eyebrow contour...


Smudge with angled eyebrow brush

... and smudge it in the direction your eyebrow hairs are growing with an angled eyebrow brush!



If you tend to have more oily skin or sweating easily or need a waterproof formula, you should consider to use a fixing powder: after generous application of the transparent powder with a powder puff and a 5 minute time window to allow it to set, remove the excess powder and have longlasting fun for the whole day!