Every dying is different!

  • the results depends and varies based on your own hair color and their brightness
  • how long you allow you the dye paste to sink in your eyebrow hairs


Tools you need
Mixing the dye with developer
Mark the shape
Eyebrow coloration

Tools you need:

  • Eye Make Remover or Face Tonic
  • Cotton wool pads
  • maybe a curly brush
  • stencil
  • a white liner
  • eyebrow dye or tint
  • developer
  • mixing cup
  • mixing spatula
  • maybe a brush to apply the mixture
  • maybe Color Cleanser to remove stain from the skin after dying the eyebrows


Please make sure the eyebrow hair are grease-free and without any hint of MakeUp. Drench a cotton wool pad with oilfree eye make up remover or face tonic and clean thoroughly.

If you tend to very dry and flaky skin go with a curly brush through your eyebrows, so the dead skin flakes are removed.

Mixing the dye with developer

Take depending on the instruction of the different eyebrow dyes the needed quantity and the quantity of the developer together in the mixing cup or Dappen dish and mix till you have a fine, emollient dyeing cream.

The emulsion is now depending on color and developer stable for 15 - 45 min.

If you use the 3% developer allow the emulsion to rest 5 minutes before use.

Mark the shape

Place the stencil on the right place and hold it with one hand - as a right hander hold it with your left hand and vice versa!

Mark now the inner contour with the white liner

Do both steps also on your other side - reverse the stencil on the other side, so it lays back-to-front on the second eyebrow.

Pluck and tweeze now all hair, which lays OUTSIDE of the white contour!


Eyebrow coloration

Apply with the spatula or for more exactly results with the brush (my favourite!) the emulsion on your eyebrow hairs within the white contour on.

The average reaction time is 5 - 10 minutes, but depends on your own hair color and hair structure, the dye and the developer, so see here my recommendations:

Blond, bright hair/1st coloration

  • Limit the reaction time on the beginning to 1 minute, rinse it and rate the result to get a feeling for the intensity, if necessary, repeat!

Dark eyebrow hair

  • take the dye not as fast as blond hair - leave the mixture longer on

Gray, longer or curly eyebrows

  • soaks the color very badly - please make for your first coloration the test like I described for blond hair! The reaction time is mostly approx. 3 - 5 minutes longer! Alternate and for very resistant hair use the color additive Gray Magic in one of the 3 different offered sizes!


When the reaction time is over, saturate another cotton wool pad with cool or medium hot water and rinse the eyebrow hairs thoroughly.

If the mixture spilled accidentally on the skin around your eyebrows and stain there, a cotton swab drenched with Color Cleanser rubbed on these spots, help!